Information TrayBeautiful Music For Ugly People

Zarathustra Tetelestai Oct 11, 2010
John Coleman Preludes
John Coleman Grind Oct 1, 2008
John Coleman Universal Disconnect Jun 26, 2007
Zarathustra Untitled May 11, 2007
John Coleman Poverty Of Self Dec 21, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches! (Vodka Mix) Dec 16, 2006
Zarathustra Shaman Trance (Remix) Dec 14, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches Dec 6, 2006
John Coleman The Ghost In The Corner Feb 15, 2006
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Information Tray is a netlabel based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area. Dreamed up longer ago than we can remember, the label was officially launched in January 2008.

Though we're currently fairly specialized in electronic music, we're looking to broaden our horizons as we grow over time. If you're an artist or band looking for an online home for your music, contact us and let us know. We'd love to hear what you're doing!