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Zarathustra Tetelestai Oct 11, 2010
Zarathustra Untitled May 11, 2007
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches! (Vodka Mix) Dec 16, 2006
Zarathustra Shaman Trance (Remix) Dec 14, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches Dec 6, 2006
Zarathustra Lapis-Lazuli May 1, 2004
Zarathustra Eis Fur Herbst Oct 1, 2003
Zarathustra The Happy Accident May 1, 2003
Zarathustra Soul Aug 1, 2002
Zarathustra Morticia Mar 1, 2002
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Artist Bio

Ambient and Techno infused musical stylings brought to you by Zarathustra. Zarathustra is based out of Cleveland, Ohio, and has been attempting to make music, with radically varying levels of success, for the past 13 years. Zarathustra's primary weapon is his mind, which is then supported by his Macintosh running Logic Pro 9, a host of plugins, and a room full of synthesizers. If you'd like to contact him, you can do so through his Myspace page, located at