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Zarathustra Tetelestai Oct 11, 2010
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Zarathustra Shaman Trance (Remix) Dec 14, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches Dec 6, 2006
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Zarathustra Eis Fur Herbst Oct 1, 2003
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Zarathustra Soul Aug 1, 2002
Zarathustra Morticia Mar 1, 2002



"Shaman Trance (Remix)"

I quickly listened to this track upon receiving the original last week. It was like finding a long lost friend. After reviewing it once or twice, I found myself wondering what I could do with it almost ten years later. The original had a lot of problems: The recording was horrible and full of static, the kick drum was on the up beat, etc. I imported the mp3 copy of it in to Ableton Live 6 and got to work. I wanted to update this track, but at the same time I wanted it to retain the quirkiness and flaws that made the track what it was. I think I accomplished that goal quite well. I'm very happy with how this, my first remix project, has turned out. All of the the sounds from the original are still in the mix. I've added some new sounds here and there- but not too many. I resampled the bassline and brought it in earlier in the track. Finally, I sped up the tempo from 90 to 120 beats per minute. Play this one as loud as you can, it's hard to appreciate any other way.


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