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John Coleman Preludes Oct 11, 2010
John Coleman Grind Oct 1, 2008
John Coleman Universal Disconnect Jun 26, 2007
John Coleman Poverty Of Self Dec 21, 2006
John Coleman The Ghost In The Corner Feb 15, 2006
John Coleman Fibonacci Oct 17, 2005
John Coleman The Wrong Muse Sep 21, 2005
John Coleman Recurring Themes Sep 13, 2005
John Coleman Diverging Paths Sep 8, 2005
John Coleman Something Fell Dec 18, 2004

John Coleman



Thematically, this one is about feeling like you’re on the cusp of great change. Like you’re reading the prelude to a new book, getting ready to dig into the pages to follow and explore what there is to experience. I’m feeling a lot of this in my life right now, like I’ll be a very different person when this years ends that I was when it began. It may not all end up as I expect or want, some of it has already not gone so well, but it’s that anticipation and mystery that’s simply intoxicating.

Ironic then, that the music itself is not that big a change for me. More minimal techno noodlings. ;-) But I’ve gotten much better at accepting the fact that what the muse wants, the muse gets. Don’t fight her.

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