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Zarathustra Tetelestai Oct 11, 2010
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Zarathustra Shaman Trance (Remix) Dec 14, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches Dec 6, 2006
Zarathustra Lapis-Lazuli May 1, 2004
Zarathustra Eis Fur Herbst Oct 1, 2003
Zarathustra The Happy Accident May 1, 2003
Zarathustra Soul Aug 1, 2002
Zarathustra Morticia Mar 1, 2002




Two years is a long time without making any new music. I am pleased to break the dry streak and present to you a new track called “Tetelestai.”

I have spent more time composing and arranging Tetelestai than I have on any other track previous to it. I describe the track as being “dangerously close to a Tangerine dream song.” I’ve branched out in this track, using several different guitar lines instead of pure electronic instrumentation. Tetelestai originally started off as an ambient track, and an ambient remix of the track from John Coleman and/or myself is likely to come in the near future. The track itself builds slowly, reaching a crescendo of particularly loud proportions.  Be patient for it to build, and listen to it with your stereo or Ipod turned up to 11 :-)

Thanks to John Coleman for the hours spent in the studio laying down the guitar tracks. I hope your fingers aren’t still bleeding! Many thanks to Andrew Lent of Missile Command as well for his assistance with drum programming, bass line creation, and general Logic Pro assistance.

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