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Zarathustra Tetelestai Oct 11, 2010
Zarathustra Untitled May 11, 2007
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches! (Vodka Mix) Dec 16, 2006
Zarathustra Shaman Trance (Remix) Dec 14, 2006
Zarathustra Cheers Bitches Dec 6, 2006
Zarathustra Lapis-Lazuli May 1, 2004
Zarathustra Eis Fur Herbst Oct 1, 2003
Zarathustra The Happy Accident May 1, 2003
Zarathustra Soul Aug 1, 2002
Zarathustra Morticia Mar 1, 2002



"Cheers Bitches"

I've finally finished a new track, after a creative dry spell that lasted almost three years. The track is entitled “Cheers Bitches!” The last thing I was expecting to create was a 4/4 dance track, but that's what came out nonetheless. This is my first track that I've completed using Ableton Live despite owning it for many years. No other instruments or software was used. The track features many random, and semi-random sounds. I paid particular attention toward trying to emphasizing harmonics and resonance in the vocal sample. The sample is used under the Creative Commons license, and comes from here.

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